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Create expression
Gives you Social skills
Amazing Performance opportunities!
Make lots of new friends
It gives you a sense of belonging!
Improves self esteem!
Learning new skills
Encourages self socialism

Increases Confidence
Improves balance! 

About Us

We are All Sorts of Performing Arts CIC


 We are All Sorts of Performing Arts C.I.C 

 All Sorts of Performing Arts was established in 2014 as a not for profit theatre school offering children (0-18 yrs) in the Worcester area classes, workshops & performance opportunities where they can gain confidence and experience throughout the Performing Arts. 

 Current classes on offer are: Musical Theatre, Cheer Dance, Freestyle Dance Gym, Drama, Creative Arts, Mini Movers, Street Dance, Contemporary/Lyrical, Tap, Multi Sports, Fun Ballet, Youth Theatre, Mini All Sorts, Jazz Dance.  We also offer Adult classes 2 nights per week. 

 Since opening five years ago the school has grown from strength to strength with increasing membership.  The students are given the help and support to enable them to increase their confidence and social interaction skills throughout our productions which are produced twice a year.  These productions also go on tour to a variety of residential care homes. In addition to our productions the students are invited to perform (should they wish to) at many local events such as: Lyppard Fete, St Peters Festival, Victorian Fayre, Worcester Carnival amongst many. 

 In January 2018 we moved into our own studio and now have our own purpose-built stage, lighting, projector, sound system & mirrors in the main studio. We continue to make improvements to the building and purchase new equipment for classes. 

 We pride ourselves on teamwork supplying professional guidance from our fully qualified teaching team, and with the help from our outstanding volunteer team who provided 769 hours of volunteer time throughout 2018, to end of June 2019 volunteer hours have been 489. 



  Who are the UKA?

UKA Dance, formally known as the United Kingdom Alliance (UKA), is a dance teaching and examination board based in Blackpool, England, and operates internationally. 

UKA Dance was established in 1902 and provides training in a range of dance styles, with examination syllabi for students, and training courses for people wishing to become certified dance teachers. 

UKA Dance exists primarily as a dance training and examination board. 

For students, UKA Dance provides training opportunities with qualified  dance teachers worldwide, both in private and mainstream dance  education.  

Training is available in a wide range of dance disciplines, with examinations leading to a range of awards and certificates for successful candidates, including vocational examinations for students who wish to pursue a career in professional dance. 

Examinations and  awards are available for a variety of ages and abilities. 

UKA Dance also awards dance teaching qualifications and has a certification programme for dance students and professionals who wish  to gain a recognised dance teaching qualification. 

There are three levels of qualification that certify teachers to enter candidates for examinations, they are Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship. Fellowship is the highest level of qualification and teachers who have reached this level may apply to become examiners. 

UKA  Dance are an awarding body validated by the Council for Dance Education and Training. 

At UKA Dance, they assist dance teachers worldwide by  providing their pupils with Achievement Awards for all ages & abilities, in all styles of Dance & Drama. 

They also provide Teaching Qualifications and are proud to help, encourage and support their members in all dance disciplines to establish and develop their business. 

Corporate members of: British Dance Council Sport and Recreation Alliance Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing. 

Beyond dance training and examinations.

UKA  Dance is also one of the World's foremost organisations in the field of competitive dancing, and in this role organises numerous competitions,   dance festivals and championships both in the UK and is influential in the regulation and adjudication of such competitions.    

Medals and Exams


All Sorts follow the UKA dance medals and grades and have 100% pass rate for exams, with many distinctions achieved.  

We like to see our students develop their skills and build confidence by offering and all-round system for taking exams, we offer each child the opportunity of taking an exam however, there is no pressure to take the test should the child not with to do so.  

Medals and Exams are taken twice per year and are offered in all disciplines, all routines are learnt within their classes and depending on the level/grade taken can be performed as a group, duet or solo.  

In addition to performance medals we also support all aspects of performing arts such as: Stage Design, Choreography, Filming, Light & Sound. 

Beginners Cheer Dance Demo

Cheer Dance includes gymnastic elements starting with beginners. Classes are performed to current upbeat music learning co-ordination, timing and strength. These classes are fun based.

Advanced Cheer Dance Demo

When students move up to the advanced level they learn the fusion styles by mixing other dance styles together including street & tap dance this is a unique style only offered at All Sorts. 

Beginners Street Dance Demo

Street Dance is a fun way to improve fitness, confidence and Stamina. Classes start by building core strength, timing and attitude moving on to our advanced level which includes fitness & gymnastic development to produce a higher level of choreography for medals.

Advanced Street Dance Demo

Advanced Street Dance involves Street dance and commercial styles integrated together allowing the pupils to work on techniques of both styles. Within the class we learn new skills and new routines to perform at events and showcases, whilst also giving the students an opportunity to take exams in street dance. Pupils develop themselves as a dancer through technique practice and regular routines being learnt. 

Beginners Jazz Dance Demo

Jazz Dance as a form of exercise, it allows students to show expression, it is a fast-paced form of dancing that engages participants' stamina, balance, and focus.  

Mini Movers Starting September 2019



Mini Movers Dance is a half hour danced based movement to music class for toddlers with their parent/carer

Consists of actions and songs based on well known nursery rhymes

Aimed at pre-schoolers (birth to five)

Encompasses various dance genres as well as drama and song


Improves balance, co-ordination, movement/mobility and rhythm

Develops speech, imagination, memory and social skills

Encourages interaction with other children

Builds confidence through repetition

Allows children to display personal creativity

Assist in combating childhood obesity

Provides positive associations with exercise from an early age

ENSURES CHILDREN HAVE FUN (with their parent/carer)


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All Sorts Reviews

All Sorts News!

Student Ambassadors 2018-2019



"It felt good to be chosen as a ambassador because i had no idea we had  those until i became one. I will hope to bring fun to All Sorts and be  able to help in classes and outside of classes".



"It  felt absolutely amazing to be picked as a ambassador as you can help  alot of people. You tidy up and you get to speak to people at the All  Sorts events"

One of the ways we reward a student for their commitment, hard work and full attendance is to make them a Student Ambassador. 

The role of which is to help new students to settle in, help out at events and attend meetings where they are allowed to be the voice for other students. 

We believe in the inclusion of students opinions, ideas and suggestions for moving forward.   

"I like being an ambassador because you get to help people in classes and help out at events. I also


"I like being an ambassador because you get to help people in classes and help out at events. I also like going to the meetings" 



"I like being an ambassador because you get to help people and help in  different classes. I also am good at talking to people and know alot  about All Sorts i have been here for 3  years which will help when supporting new students" 



All Sorts gives amazing opportunties and i like desiging backdrops for performances, making props and helping at workshops!

Privacy Policy

All  Sorts of Performing Arts are committed to ensuring protection of all  personal information that we hold, and to provide and to protect all  such data. We recognize our obligations in updating and expanding this  program to meet the requirements of GDPR. 

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