Medals and Exams



Here at All Sorts we like to see our students develop their skills and build confidence by offering an all round system for taking exams. The school offer these twice a year.

All Sorts have achieved high results over the last four years with many distinctions.

Students (From 3 -6 Yrs)

Princess & Pirate Awards 

Uni-Ted Award

This is a great introduction to the performing arts for the students. A fun themed routine will be chosen.

Musical Theatre, Street Dance, Drama and Cheerleading (From 6 Yrs)

One dance 

Starter Star 

Intros 1-6

Pre Bronze

Bronze- Gold

Grade Exams (From 4 Yrs)

We also offer students to opportunity to take graded exams in the following disciplines from Preliminary 1-3 followed by Grade 1-8

Subjects include:

Musical Theatre




Other Medal Opportunities

We don't just offer performance medals we also support all aspects including

Stage design  



Lighting & Sound  

These can be taken from 


Intro 1-6 

Pre Bronze


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