Student Ambassadors

One of the ways we reward a student for their commitment, hard work and full attendance is to make them a Student Ambassador. The role of which is to help new students to settle in, help out at events and attend meetings where they are allowed to be the voice for other students. 

We believe in the inclusion of students opinions, ideas and suggestions for moving forward.   

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Below are testimonials from some of our current Ambassadors.



"It felt good to be chosen as a ambassador because i had no idea we had those until i became one. I will hope to bring fun to All Sorts and be able to help in classes and outside of classes".



"It felt absolutely amazing to be picked as a ambassador as you can help alot of people. You tidy up and you get to speak to people at the All Sorts events"



"I like being an ambassador because you get to help people in classes and help out at events. I also like going to the meetings"



"I like being an ambassador because you get to help people and help in different classes. I also am good at talking to people and know alot about All Sorts i have been here for 3  years which will help when supporting new students"