Terms and Conditions


Code of Conduct

As a member of All Sorts you should; 

Help create and maintain an environment free of fear and harassment. 

Demonstrate fair play and apply All Sorts standards at all venues. 

Understand that you have the right to be treated as an individual.

Respect the advice that you receive. 

Advise of any absences from class in advance. 

Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

Respect physical, cultural and racial differences.

Look out for yourself and the welfare of others. 

Be kind and respectful to other students.

Speak out (to your parents, teacher or volunteer) if you consider that you or others have been poorly treated.

Be organised and on time (no earlier, no later) 

Always sign in and out of classes. 

Be respectful of All Sorts property. 

Ensure that any mess, clutter or personal rubbish is cleared away and deposited in the appropriate place. 

Leave premises as you would expect to find it.

Accept that these guidelines are in place for the well-being of all concerned.

Treat teachers and volunteers with respect Observe instructions or restrictions requested by any adult looking after you. 

Uniform to be worn at all times, long hair in a bun.

Nobody is better than anyone else. 

You should not take part in any  irresponsible, abusive or inappropriate behavior which includes  –publicly using critical or disrespectful descriptions of others either on social media or at an event where others may be less fortunate than  yourselves. 

Ensure any breakout room provided is left as you found it (clean and tidy).

All rubbish to be placed in bins provided and no crumbs/rubbish left behind. 

Any breach of this conduct may result in disciplinary action as follows: 

1 Meeting with parents where a verbal warning will be issued and will remain in place for one month. 

2 Meeting with parents where a written warning will be issued and will remain in place and on file for the period of one month. 

3 Meeting with parents whereby a final written warning will be issued. If after 2 weeks no improvement has been made dismissal from All Sorts will occur.  

Uniform and Etiquette


Uniform, Etiquette, Attendance & Payment Polices

Uniform Long hair to be tied back for all classes. 

All Sorts T-Shirt/Hoodie to be worn for all classes and performances (all students are expected to have the correct uniform after attending four weeks of classes) 

Black Leggings/Cycling Shorts or Jogging Bottoms 

Trainers/Pumps/Dance shoes to be worn at all times (no bare feet) 

No school shoes to be worn Etiquette All students upon enrolment will be asked to read and sign the ‘All Sorts Code of Conduct’. Such etiquette is in place so ensure all students  adhere to the said code and ensure we can operate in a professional manner with fairness to all.  

Attendance & Collection

In order to ensure a prompt start, students are required to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of each lesson. 


Students arriving late will be kept in a holding area until an appropriate time for them to enter is available. 

On arrival children MUST register for each class attending, contact numbers must be recorded  along with the name of the responsible adult for collection (this must be the NAME and not Mum or Dad)  

 Before leaving each child must be signed out by the class teacher. No  child is to leave the lesson without being collected or signed out.

 Should the authorised adult not be available for collection you must  provide me with a password for your child in order for me to release them.


Should you wish your child to be released from class without a  responsible adult collecting them I must have a disclaimer in writing to  this effect, this will be held on your child’s file. 

Parents will  only be permitted into a class for 10 minutes maximum on a child’s first  day, this is to ensure all students can focus and not be distracted. If arriving at the start and end of classes parents must wait in the  designated areas (you will be notified of this area upon registration).  

All  Sorts of Performing Arts will ensure all children are aware of the fire  evacuation procedure and will hold regular fire drills. 

Due to the increased number of students I may not be personally available to speak  to you at the start or beginning of each class. Should you have any  queries or questions please initially register these with a front desk volunteer. 

Should they not be able to help at the time I will be advised and will contact you at a convenient time for myself Policies Details of all our policies (Customer Care, Equal Opportunities, First Aid, Child Protection, Anti Bullying, Health & Safety and Audition) are available by visiting our website www.allsortsofpa.co.uk 

Payment Terms

For the first week only payments are to be made by cash on the door. Thereafter the following terms apply: 

Invoices will be sent out on a half termly basis (usually) 1st of each month.

Payment for all fees as laid out on the invoice MUST be made by 15th of that month or  no later than 15 days after date of invoice.


Any invoices not paid  within 15 days from date of invoice will automatically incur interest  charge at £2.00 per week.


You will be sent a reminder on 29th of each month for any outstanding payments (including interest charges to date) giving  3 working days to make payment.


If after 3 days no payment has been  made a final demand will be sent with a payment deadline.


There will be  no further demand for payment from this point forward. 

All outstanding  debts will be forwarded to the small claims court. Should the debt have to go to court you will be liable for all court fees, late  payment/administration charges of £40.00 and all interest accrued. 

Please note your child’s place at All Sorts could be in jeopardy if this  process is not adhered to.

Refund Policy

Refunds for classes or workshops will only be given if a class is cancelled due to bad weather or ill health of the teacher, this will be shown as a credit on your next invoice. 

All Sorts will try its best to re-schedule any sessions cancelled giving you at least 24hrs notice, this will only occur due to situations beyond our control.

Unfortunately due to costs of providing these classes, we are unable to reimburse for missed classes for any other reason. In which case your child’s place will still be held.

Notification of leaving a Class/Workshop 

All Sorts require an e-mail or handwritten letter giving at six weeks’ notice of cancellation. The six week notice must not contain any holiday periods, if notice is given during such period six weeks class charges will apply following start of term. A final invoice for the six weeks period notice will be issued. Feedback and final paperwork forms will need to be completed. 

All personal information will be shredded or returned in accordance with the data protection act 2013, Please advise preference when notifying.