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Who are All Sorts & School History

All Sorts of Performing Arts was  established in 2014 as a non profit theatre school. We offer the children (3-18 Yrs) in the Worcester area classes and workshops where they can gain confidence and experience in The Performing Arts, Musical Theatre, Cheer Dance, Drama, Technique, Street Dance, Stage Art & Set design. We also work closely with local schools providing PPA and after school sessions. As well as this we provide entertainment at local events & support local charities.      

Since opening the school it has grown from strength to strength with  increasing membership. We have gained 100% pass rate for exams. We, as a school, have performed at many local Worcester events and have attended auditions for a well known TV talent show. Students are given the help and support to enable them to increase their confidence, social interaction skills throughout live events & productions of which we produce twice a year. We at All Sorts pride ourselves on team work supplying professional guidance from our qualified teachers and with the help of our volunteer team.     

Student Ambassadors

One of the ways we reward a student for their commitment, hard work and  full attendance is to make them Student Ambassador. The role of which is  to help new students to settle in, help out at events and attend  meetings where they are allowed to be the voice for other students. We  believe in the inclusion of students opinions, ideas and suggestions for  moving forward.  


All Sorts would like to thank below for all the continued support 

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Norton Theatre Players

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Worcester Observer

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Medway Community Centre 

Worcester Municipal Charity 


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Who are the UKA?

UKA Dance, formally known as the United Kingdom Alliance (UKA), is a dance teaching and examination board based in Blackpool, England, and operates internationally. 

UKA Dance was established in 1902 and provides training in a range of dance styles, with examination syllabi for students, and training courses for people wishing to become certified dance teachers. 

UKA Dance exists primarily as a dance training and examination board. For students, UKA Dance provides training opportunities with qualified dance teachers worldwide, both in private and mainstream dance education. Training is available in a wide range of dance disciplines, with examinations leading to a range of awards and certificates for successful candidates, including vocational examinations for students who wish to pursue a career in professional dance. Examinations and awards are available for a variety of ages and abilities. 

UKA Dance also awards dance teaching qualifications and has a certification programme for dance students and professionals who wish to gain a recognised dance teaching qualification. There are three levels of qualification that certify teachers to enter candidates for examinations, they are Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship. Fellowship is the highest level of qualification and teachers who have reached this level may apply to become examiners. 

UKA Dance are an awarding body validated by the Council for Dance Education and Training. At UKA Dance, they assist dance teachers worldwide by providing their pupils with Achievement Awards for all ages & abilities, in all styles of Dance & Drama. They also provide Teaching Qualifications and are proud to help, encourage and support their members in all dance disciplines to establish and develop their business. Corporate members of: British Dance Council Sport and Recreation Alliance Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing. Beyond dance training and examinations.

UKA Dance is also one of the World's foremost organisations in the field of competitive dancing, and in this role organises numerous competitions, dance festivals and championships both in the UK and is influential in the regulation and adjudication of such competitions.   

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All Sorts of Performing Arts

16 Medway Road, Worcester, Worcester, Worcestershire, England WR5 1LJ, United Kingdom

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Thank you All Sorts!!!!!!! thanks to all you fabulous teachers my boy has gone off to open mic night tonight full of confidence and not bothered that  he doesn't know others there. What you have done for him over the last 12 months is amazing! 

Unlike other classes, my girls never want to miss their Musical Theatre. They enjoy the mix of singing and dancing/acting and are thrilled they have parts in the panto this year. As a parent I like the relaxed nature of the classes and feel my children can learn at their own pace, with no pressure to  perform at a certain level. 

"Thank you for a fab day yesterday. We loved the crafts, dancing, singing and cheer-leading. Looking forwards to the next one! 

Fab day for kayleigh today All Sorts. What you did in such a short space of time was amazing. One tired out child tonight.

Fantastic show Jack and the Beanstalk Panto. Credit to the team and all the  backroom staff and the Children for such a marvellous performance!

What a pleasure it has been supporting the young people of All Sorts! 

Well done to all the pupils today! Really nice meeting everyone in today's classes .The new venue is fantastic!

My Son has just completed your half term workshop and he absolutely loved it! He made new friends and he has definitely confirmed his love of  theatre and dance.The team has been so helpful. Jake's first words after  were, "I'm joining"! He can't wait to start classes with you! Thanks  again! 

Fantastic four of my children attend has done wanders for all of them. My eldest child has autism who has been included in the All Sorts family from the beginning best thing we have ever done for all of our children.Given  them new friends and a new love and confidence for the performing arts.  Would highly recommend.  

My daughter went for the first time this week for the Summer school. I was a bit worried about her as she went on her own. However the team were  reassuring and she made friends. Despite being tired, she looked forward  to going everyday and learned so much! Really encouraging and a big  confidence boost for her. 

This is an amazing dance/theatre school. All the teachers and volunteers are so helpful and great with us kids. Everyone is included and this school is 1 big happy family!

My son attended after hearing about the school from a friend.He absolutely enjoyed every day he has attended and it's been a real pleasure to see his smile when I collected him !!  

I have been working with All Sorts since January as the lighting technician ! It is a priveledge to be working with so many talented members of staff and the talented performers! It is truly a fantastic platform for the arts! I hope to be with them for many years to come as we grow!