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All Sorts of Performing Arts Festival 2023

A VERY WARM WELCOME to All Sorts of Performing Arts first Live Performing Arts Festival.

We are really looking forward to the upcoming event on Sunday 17th September 2023 at The All Sorts Studio, 16 Medway Road, Ronkswood, Worcester WR5 1LN.

All Sorts of Performing Arts believes in opportunity for all at our festivals; from complete beginners to experienced performers from ages 4-20 Years. Everyone is welcomed with open arms. Teachers and independents from any dance, drama and performing arts background are invited to enter. The last 2 years has been a very challenging time for everyone in the industry.

We want to celebrate all forms of Dance, Drama and Performing Arts. We aim to provide an opportunity for everyone to participate, build & gain confidence and achieve.

Each category will be adjudicated by qualified industry professionals.

All performers will receive a digital certificate for taking part.

Any performer placed 1st-6th place will receive an award. For more information regarding this please read the “General Section” of the Information pack below.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The All Sorts Team

All Sorts Taster DayS
Tuesday 27th june
tuesday 4th july
Saturday 8th July

Join us as part of our rebrand to take part in free taster sessions in Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre.  
Tuesdays 27th June & 4th July 
4.00pm-4.30pm Mini All Sorts Dance Programme (3-6 Yrs)
4.30pm-5.00pm Mini All Sort Fun Performing Arts Programme (3-6 Yrs)
5.00pm-6.00pm Musical Theatre Programme (7-12 Yrs)
6.00pm-7.00pm Drama Programme (7-12 Yrs)
Saturday 8th July  
9.00am-9.30am Mini All Sorts Dance Programme (3-6 Yrs)
9.00am-9.30am Acro Programme (3-6 Yrs)
9.30am-10.00am Mini All Sorts Fun Performing Arts Programme (3-6 Yrs)
10.00am-10.45am Street Dance Programme (6-9 Yrs)
10.00am-11.00am Dance Programme (7- 10Yrs)
10.45am-11.30am Street Dance Programme (10-13 Yrs)
11.00am-12.00pm Dance Programme (11+ Yrs)
12.00pm-1.00pm Musical Theatre Programme (7-12 Yrs)
12.00pm-100pm Acro Programme (6-8 Yrs)
1.00pm-2.00pm Drama Programme (7-12 Yrs)
1.00pm-2.00pm Acro Programme (9-12 Yrs)
2.00pm-3.00pm Performance Meeting (Open to all)